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Wednesday, 11 April 2007
A new entry.
I got an email from Fred. I actually got two. The first one said this: I wrote a post on your blog and now it's not there. What happened?

I wrote back. This: "Yeah that happens. What'd you say?"

He responded with his second email, as follows: I congratulated you on your provocative site and then went into a discourse on bogitude and that I agree with you that date rapist and wagbog are essentially synonymous. I always called them the "great guys" but as Frank Portman publicized his coinage first, so I'll yield. I disagree, sadly, about the 0.0 gpa. Unfortunately many bogs end up in positions of enormous power and show other trappings of conventional success (witness the present Bog-in-Chief, GWB). The 0.0 frat house crowd is, I'd argue, a different set of less threatening slobs. The bogs are far more dangerous.

Anyway, that was the gist, but now it's gone forever.

Fred's a friend. He's a surgeon, he won a bunch of Jeopardy episodes, he speaks as many languages as a respectable foreign cab driver, etc. Had his original post not been lost to the digital embarrassment that is my blog, I'm sure it would have been quite an arresting little passage.

On that note, if anyone else feels inclined to post, but, like Fred, can't, then feel free to email me whatever you want posted and I'll toss it up for you. Consider this my formal invitation. Even if this is what you write me: "I'm a football player and I'll punch you all in the mouths."

Just realize that, if you write me something like this, when I (as promised) post it, I'll do so alongside my response. And my response will probably contain something about your premature male pattern baldness and propensity to end up in a law enforcement career to satiate the need to push people around like you once did in high school football.

But whatever you feel the urge to write, I welcome it all. jbindustries@hotmail.com. Write WAGBOG in the subject line.

Cheers mates!

Posted by ms2/bigjensen at 1:11 AM PDT
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Saturday, 14 April 2007 - 11:02 PM PDT

i love gynecology and scientology

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