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Wednesday, 21 March 2007
WAGBOG: "What a great bunch of guys." Coined by Frank Portman.
WAGBOGs are popular adolescent males who have some inborn athleticism. They try hard in the sports, but only so hard as to pretend they're not trying hard in order to look cool. They're almost always found participating in stadium sports and the token, most ridiculous WAGBOG is found in football.

When it comes to academics, they don't even put out covert effort. They don't try at all. Instead, in hopes of sliding by, they rely on their popularity among peers and classroom-pull exerted by their coach. While they manage to maintain (or even massage) their popularity, their complete absence of effort (coupled with the fact that they aren't genetically equipped to excel in the academic arena) has them bordering on a 0.0gpa despite all efforts made by the coach.

For this reason, parents of the student body often feel sorry for them. "These boys are obviously trying hard, but spending so much time in extracurricular activities – and nobody is willing to cut them any slack." These parents then sit on bleachers in the evenings to watch the WAGBOGs perform a sport, admire their athleticism, and say things like this: "what a great bunch of guys!"

WAGBOGs are, by definition, date rapists.

Posted by ms2/bigjensen at 8:59 PM PDT
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